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Through their eyes I saw their souls… and I was forever changed.

Marla Riley

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A Voice For The Voiceless.


Throughout my life I have always been fascinated with animals and have a deep compassion for them. Like most people though, I loved them… and I ate them, not meaning to be a hypocrite, but I was one nonetheless. This changed in 2015 when I decided to buy some chickens merely out of the idea of having them as pets and giving them a loving home. I quickly realized that I had become quite fond of them after seeing their unique personalities and how full of life and joy they were. It was at that moment I challenged the traditional status quo and became a vegetarian and later to become vegan. The very idea that these animals were seen only to serve as a food source for humans without intelligence and emotions has become the fuel for my passion to save many of these magnificent animals.

I spent numerous hours researching and educating myself about the cruel treatment farm animal undergo in the meat and dairy producing industries. With these gruesome stories and graphic images engraved into my mind, I was compelled to act. I learned of a live auction that took place close to my home that sold animals for slaughter. I followed my heart, not knowing what I was about to walk into and where this newfound fire would lead me. It was that day I made the transition to veganism.

I have now rescued over 100 farm animals - chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, goats, guinea pigs, sheep, peacocks, rabbits, pigeons, and a mini horse from various situations. In June of 2017, we were incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit and have had a strong community of like-minded, compassionate people who have volunteered and sponsored our animals.

In a short time, The Riley Farm Rescue has expanded beyond anything I had imagined and we’re not slowing down anytime soon. The mission now includes advocacy for the complete vegan lifestyle. All it took was that first visit to the slaughter auction for me to take an oath never to eat another animal or animal product. I now live with the images, the faces, the terror I see every time I go on a slaughter mission, a constant reminder that the right thing to do is to give these animals a life in which they live without fear and show us who they really are, to give them their voices back. I encourage you get involved and come meet Patrick, Murphy and Starlight!

Marla Riley
The Riley Farm Rescue




Special Thanks to all our Sponsors and volunteers who have formed an amazing community of love and compassion for our farm animal friends.

Thank you to Sammantha Fisher for your amazing photography and advocacy for animal rights.

Thank you to Ellen Thomas and The Dodo for helping us tell our story and sharing it across the internet.


With constant food, water, care, and love, our goal is to continue adding to our family!



The Riley Farm Rescue's mission is to rescue suffering farm animals and provide them with the quality and loving home they deserve through rehabilitation and long-term care. The Riley Farm Rescue brings awareness to the neglect and cruelty farm animals experience through education, special events and by living and promoting a vegan lifestyle.


Theodore The Hero

A Love Story 

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Theodore to the rescue!

Theodore's girlfriend, Clarabelle, got stuck in a pricker bush on the wrong side of the fence. He saved her by alerting the Rileys.

“She was stuck right here and Clarabelle was screaming,” Riley said. “My daughter ran around and got her out and back to yard.”

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