Danielle Poulin Riley Farm Rescue vollunteer.jpg

About Danielle

Danielle is a volunteer who co-sponsors two cuties, Lincoln the duck and Eugene the goat. She loves to come to the farm to help with caring for the animals and play with them once the work is done. She also volunteers time providing advice and guidance for people looking to go vegan through PETA's Vegan Mentor Program, and takes part in other forms of activism.

She has always loved all animals unconditionally, and finally made the connection to go vegetarian in 2013. After watching documentaries and learning more about the animal-farming industry, she went vegan in 2016. She also posts vegan recipes and helpful tips for vegans online at veganlivingbydanielle.com. She loves the outdoors - kayaking, hiking, and traveling. She lives with her boyfriend and they have three furbabies (kitties): Lily, Milo, and Luna.

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